Pray and Prepare: Our next adventure awaits

I have recently pointed out that we are a family of true Tennesseeans. Tennessee is The Volunteer State, known for sending volunteers to aid from others from wars to natural disasters. We are the state of Davy Crockett and the 101st Airborne. This spirit is the same which undergirds our heart for ministry – our home is Nashville, but we go when called up and when needed. We go “for seasons and for reasons” as we have often said.

This summer we have deemed our Summer of Love because our missions assignments have focused on reaching those in the counter culture in the fiftieth anniversary of the original Summer of Love in 1967.

Our next assignment is an opportunity to help on the grounds with the leadership team of a movement we have felt joined to since its inception – Awaken the Dawn.


ATD is a call for believers from across the nation to gather in our capital city in a pilgrimage of praise. The vision is to have 50 tents for 50 states on the National Mall holding 24-hour worship. This will culminate in a day of procession focused on empowering women to Rise Up in their callings in the spirit of Deborah and Esther; to uplift women as anointed members and integral parts of the Body of Christ. To find out more about this gathering, check out these links:

We are excited for the opportunity to work closely with visionary David Bradshaw and the leadership team to see this incredible gathering come to fulfillment. We will be living in Fredericksburg, Virginia for two months leading up to the four-day event on the National Mall. With our experience with David’s Tent and our many friends in the D.C. area, we feel right at home in this working with this project.

And so, we close our Summer of Love in the state that is “For Lovers.”

Pray for us as we prepare to move through this intense season. Follow us for updates and news. Most importantly, join us in pilgrimage to D.C. in October, lifting up songs of praise and hands of prayer as one nation under God.



Author: amycford

I am a native Nashvillian, a wife and mother, a former middle-school teacher, and servant of God Most High. I enjoy my little internal world, but I have to write my inner musings to keep them from driving me mad.

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