Fords on the Move: A Season in Review

Hi friends!

Fords on a Mission has had a busy, exciting, and fruitful year! It is such a joy walking out our calling as missionaries of prayer to America. We get to GO when God says go because our partners. Thank you!

I was recently with some people who travel with the evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. One of His famous sayings is, “Africa shall be saved,” but now they are proclaiming “America shall be saved.” I share that because it’s exactly what Amy and I are seeing.

As we have traveled the nation, from Mississippi to Montana, from the streets of San Francisco to the bayous of Louisiana, from our nation’s capital, and back to the rolling hills of Tennessee, we are seeing people saved. A conservative number of salvations we have seen through the various missions we have been a direct part of this year is 1000 people with many others who received at least some type of ministry.



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A few testimonies:

At Bonnaroo this year we partnered with several other ministries to host 100 hours of worship and prayer , a outreach tent on the grounds as well as evangelism teams that went directly into the festival to share the gospel. We saw 750 salvations occurring through the various outreaches during the music festival. It was one of the most fruitful outreaches I’ve ever been apart of! We are excited to announce we will be a part of this out reach again next year.

We spent 21 days In San Francisco conducting daily prayer, worship, and evangelism at the birth place of the counter culture revolution culminating with a two day, three night outdoor gathering led by Chris Burns called The Sound. Because of the obedience of Chris, Roger Joyner, and others who were part of The Sound, we saw about 200 salvations and the name of Jesus publicly worshipped in the darkest parts of the city. One thing we realized while there is that the one common denominator missing from the broken, addicted, confused, and those on the fringes of society is Jesus. It was such a joy praying and sharing with them.

While in Montana among the Amish, we saw the spirit of conviction fall upon about 150 people resulting in about 30 unplanned water baptisms in the river! It was a powerful moment.

We also spent two months in Washington, DC serving on the core leadership team that planned a three-day outdoor gathering on the National Mall called Awaken the Dawn. We had nightly crowds of over 20,000, as well as a tent set up for each state conducting non-stop worship and prayer for the three days. While serving on the ATD leadership team in Fredericksburg, we put in many long days in the weeks leading up to the gathering. As David Bradshaw’s assistant, I spent countless hours praying and in meetings helping to tie together all the ends of the many parts of such a gathering. My day often began early in the morning, sometimes catching flights at 5am, and often continued until nearly midnight. If anything, we have learned an appreciation for the vast quantity of needs an event like ATD requires, from production to port-a-potties; from park turf regulations to security; from tent tethers to electrical cords. At the center of it all, this community functioned as true worshipers, dedicated to the vision of extravagant worship and passionate about the worth of the Lord Jesus. Ministry leaders across the nation are saying it was one of the most powerful events they have ever attended. We will never know the scope of how many people were impacted. I’m confident thousands encountered God!

Lastly, we have continued serving Middle Tennessee via our local church, Fortress Fellowship, we love our community there. We also have continued to serve a leadership role with Nashville House of Prayer, as well as lead at various prayer meetings across the region. Additionally, I am part of a group of ministers called the Go Team. We meet monthly to foster our relationships and pray how we can combine our efforts to serve the region, one example being the Bonnaroo outreach.

Now after an amazing 5 months of traveling the nation that started last June, we are officially back to “Home Home” for a little while. That’s what our children call our home in Nashville. As missionaries of prayer we now have found homes all across the nation, so after a prayer mission, when we tell the kids we are going home, they always ask “Home, Home?” It’s not always easy traveling, and many times Amy and I get worn down, especially with kids in tow. This reality gives us the opportunity to rely on the grace and strength that only God can give. One thing I’m sure of after 100+ days of traveling the nation so far this year is that everywhere we go, we are seeing people hungry for the Lord!

I’m continually amazed at all God is doing and how he is using our family. We are now beginning to turn our prayers towards 2018 and are excited to see where and what God will have us do. A common saying around the Ford family, and something that we’ve become convinced of is, “We were made for this!!!”

We thank you for believing in and investing in us!! It’s our prayer that God bless each of our friends and ministry partners with His presence, and that your love for God will increase day by day.

We love you!!!


Fords on a Mission


Author: amycford

I am a native Nashvillian, a wife and mother, a former middle-school teacher, and servant of God Most High. I enjoy my little internal world, but I have to write my inner musings to keep them from driving me mad.

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