Prayer and Proclamation Project, Leg One – Route 66

The first leg of our Prayer and Proclamation Project involved traveling from our home in Nashville, Tennessee to Chicago, Illinois, then to Santa Monica, California, making strategic prayer stops along the way.

Every day, we looked for points to stop and pray or drive through and pray. Sometimes they were historic sites, like where President Lincoln gave his house divided speech. Sometimes the were governmental, like capital buildings. Sometimes they were spiritual, like on the Oral Roberts University campus. Through each state we also read through the prophetic words released by Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce in 2003 on their 50 State tour.

Below are some significant stories from our journey:

Our first stop was before we hit 66, in Indianapolis. We went to Indianapolis Motor Speedway to pray on the grounds. There is a possibility that the Speedway will be the site of a large Christian gathering. One of our goals is to pray in advance of events and outreaches. We know that prayer lays a groundwork for a move of God.

Next, we headed to Chicago for the start of the trail, as 66 is often called. God began giving us reminders of His presence immediately. We pulled over our van at the very start of Route 66, right beside the sign, to get our directions together (66 is not contiguous, especially through cities – you have to follow written directions). A young valet came over to ask if we needed help. Jason began to prophesy over him, encouraging him. Right before we left we asked his name. It was Angel, of all things! It was as though God was letting us know He was with us!

At one point, stopped in Joliet, IL. This city was once known as the City of Spires for its beautiful churches, but it has become known now more for its gambling houses. It had been a hard day and the kids were frazzled. A woman approached Jason as he stopped for gas. She was super high, asking for money for gas. Jason offered to pray for her, to which she agreed, but she got antsy and squirmmy as soon as he began. She was clearly affected and quickly left. The demons were nervous! As she drove away, we prayed over her and the spiritual strongholds in that city.

At Steak and Shake in Missouri, we met Sam the GM. We asked about his story. He had to drop out of law school and take care of his sick mother, who later passed away. He had traveled the world, but he was clearly an unbeliever. He would not let us pray for him, but only wished for our family to have a safe trip. We continue to pray for him. Sam reminds us that everyone has a story and wants to be known. God loves these people and wants to meet them in their stories.

Outside of Avilla, Missouri we saw several sets of scripture signs on different parts of farmland. Someone is evangelizing the roadways using their farmland.

In New Mexico, we felt led to pray through Albuquerque in particular. On the outskirts, we passed a church that also said “House of Prayer.” We felt compelled to turn around and investigate, so to speak. We met Michael, who was tending to the grounds. He told us about the ministry there, their heart for the city, and an outreach he does with biker clubs. Michael and others belong to a Christian motorcycle club which goes to biker rallies and offers boot shining to the gang members. It’s a modern-day foot washing ministry! We were able to pray with Michael and for his beloved city.

We took a side journey fifty miles north of the route to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. There, we saw some people who had climbed down into a ledge overlooking the canyon. Jason felt led to go down and talk to them. They were a group of New Age seekers looking to tap into some kind of energy since it was the summer solstice. Jason gently engaged them in conversation, led the talk to Jesus, and ended up praying with one woman in particular. She said she was going to look into Christianity and following Jesus.

Also in Arizona, we met Marlene, a Navajo woman who is a born-again Christian. To earn a living, she makes and sells jewelry to tourists. She asked that I would pray for her to get out of debt. She is a reminder to us all of the great debt we owe to the native people of this country, and the respect and honor they deserve.

In California, we have made some connections in the past, so we were happy to make some extra stops to pray and visit with friends in Palm Desert, Pasadena, and Hollywood.

Once we made it to the end of the trail, the end of the Santa Monica pier, a nearby street performer played the Dave Buckley song “Hallelujah.” It was a very appropriate to end our Route 66 leg of our journey. Even more amazing, though, was that as we walked closer to hear the music, we were approached by a mother and daughter who commented on our children. The daughter in particular seemed drawn to us, so we kept the conversation going. Before long, we let her know we were Christian missionaries on a prayer journey. She was excited, and explained her own “spiritual” nature and study of Kabbalah. Jason was able to tell her about how Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, and he encouraged her to seek after Jesus on a personal level. She agreed. She said she could see the love in our family and was drawn to us.

We spent some days in California connecting with friends in ministry and praying in different areas. We will share about those visits and our trip home, which included some interesting and strategic stops along the way, in the next post. I hope you will follow with us!

Below are some pictures. There are more on our Fords on a Mission Facebook page.

At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The old arch for the Chicago Stock Exchange. We stopped here to pray for Chicago’s financial systems.

An eerily familiar 1940’s era family on Route 66 in a museum.

Scripture graffiti in Kansas

At Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma
Mesa in Arizona

From a distance, Jason praying with a young New-Ager on a ledge in the Grand Canyon

Author: amycford

I am a native Nashvillian, a wife and mother, a former middle-school teacher, and servant of God Most High. I enjoy my little internal world, but I have to write my inner musings to keep them from driving me mad.

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