Summer of Love Update

“And now I plead with you, lady, not as though I wrote a new commandment to you, but that which we have had from the beginning: that we love one another. This is love, that we walk according to His commandments. This is the commandment, that as you have heard from the beginning, you should walk in it.”
II John 1:5-6 NKJV
The Summer of Love. But what does that even mean, love? What did the culture of the world mean when it labeled that particular season with “Love”?

Free love? Preaching peace? Promoting freedom and liberation?

To what did that equate?

Free sex. Preaching pacifism. Promoting bondage to drugs and empty ideologies.

The apostle John, the Apostle of Love as he is called, defined love differently. We are commanded to love one another, and to love is to walk according to God’s commands. These we have known from the beginning. We know them from the most ancient of holy scriptures, and we know them in our very souls.
Every one of the Ten Commandments revolves around two essential principles: love God and love others. We love God by honoring Him with our focus and reverence. We love others by respecting them and treating them with dignity and honoring their value as creations of God.

Our family Summer of Love involved ministering in prayer and evangelism at Bonnaroo and in San Francisco at the counter culture’s most iconic places. We met opportunities to extend true love on street corners, park benches, water stations, and even outhouses. We looked into the eyes of so many broken and lost souls, many overlooked by the crowds. People on the fringes of society. People starving for family and hope.

At Bonnaroo, young people lined up for encouraging messages of hope. So many were so hungry to hear something that would uplift them. Roohop plowed ground in prayer, Thunder Tent ministered to the souls, the Jesus Tent met their physical needs, and the Rooreach teams administered the gospel message. Over 750 received Jesus over the four day festival, and over a thousand received ministry of some kind.

In San Francisco, there was a fifteen year old wandering the park, drawn to the sound of joy on Hippie Hill. He gave his life to Jesus and was filled with the Holy Spirit that very night.

There was James, a homeless alcoholic in constant pain. Jason prayed, and he received immediate relief. The next week, The Foundry team encountered him on Haight Street (not knowing Jason had prayed with him). They sang prophetically over him, and his very countenance changed in a moment. God certainly has His eye on James.

There was Josh, another down-and-out Haight Street dweller, the son of a minister, running away from the faith of his father. He too let us pray for healing for pain in his ankle and reported relief and more mobility. Moreover, he was reminded that God loves him still, despite his past tragedies.

At Jerry Garcia Amphitheater, at an all-day worship festival, the gospel message was delivered. Over fifty people, many of whom came off the park trails to hear the music, gave their lives to Jesus.

One of the most profound moments we experienced was about a homeless man who sat in the drum circle on Hippie Hill the day of the worship and evangelism outreach. This circle happens frequently, and is mostly homeless and transient folks jamming together. The man mentioned suddenly rose from the circle, picked up his things almost angrily, and joined one of the worship circles on the field. He sat down next to Jason and said, “I’m just so tired.” From there, he lay for hours weeping under the praises of God, allowing love and peace to wash over him. Later that evening, he prayed for salvation.




We love Him because He first loved us. Love compels us to reach out with hope to those in need around us. And it is this same love that draws people to His presence.

The message of the gospel is simple, but it is not always easy and not always safe. Sometimes it requires faith to walk through tough places or look into the heart of a broken person. The good news is that it only takes one skill to do it: love.

“All you need is love. Love is all you need.”

San Francisco Update

Every mission we go on is rewarding, but each also has its own challenges. This trip has been no exception. We came in faith, not knowing exactly what we would be doing aside from daily open-air worship and prayer on Hippie Hill, releasing a sound at the birthplace of the counter culture revolution. We had to re-orient ourselves to a new city, new schedule, new home, and new people. In the midst of getting our sea legs here, we had to pray and wait to see exactly what God had in store for us.

As intercessors the most natural thing for us to do was to learn the geography and history of the city where would we would be spending the next three weeks. It is important to us to spiritually map the area so that we can understand how to pray in the ways that are most effective, particularly with regard to the counter culture revolution that flourished here. We read books and talked to the people we met. We began to visit museums and to put our feet on the streets where significant things happened. We have sought the high places, like Nob Hill, the clock tower at Berkeley, Mount Davidson, and the Twin Peaks. We went to the origins of the city, the Mission Dolores. We traversed the gate of the city and state, the Golden Gate Bridge. We prayed up and down Folsom and Haight Streets. We walked the Jack London Square in Oakland and prayed over ports. We prayed at the important sites for The Sound event: Hippie Hill, Nourse Theater, and Jerry Garcia Amphitheater. Long days, lots of miles, and lots of stops at playgrounds to appease the children, naturally in need of breaks between prayer sessions.

Why? To what end is all this prayer, this mapping, this puzzling together the pieces of a spiritual story for an area that is not even our own, three thousand miles away from our home?

In short, because Jesus is worthy, and he spoke to our hearts. If that is all, that is enough.

But if we need more convincing, something more quantitative, I can offer a few things. But first, a reference: “Now the word of the LORD came to Jonah the son of Amittai, saying, “Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry out against it; for their wickedness has come up before Me.”” -Jonah 1:1-2

We are not told exactly how Nineveh’s wickedness came up before The Lord, but I do know that one way to get God’s attention is to talk to Him. Moses can attest. And Noah. Jesus too. And we know that the harvest is great, so we must pray to The Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers. We are all called to pray. Some are called to labor in the field.

Scripture tells us – history tells us – that the stories of a land and the stories of its people change the spiritual environment. It is the principle of sowing and reaping. It is the law of sin and death; words and blood. The ripples of our actions extend as far as they are able, until some interference stops the waves.

Worship releases God’s truth and welcomes His presence in a place. Prayer dispatches angels, breaks curses, and opens the door to The Lord’s intervention. Prophetic acts bridge the gap between spiritual and natural, serving eviction notice to forces of darkness. These things are not wishful thinking or cultic rituals; they are engaging the very real spiritual realm to affect the natural.

We know also that God is a god of redemption. He is in the business of seeking that which is lost and saving it. Jesus leaves the 99 for the one lost sheep. He invites himself to sinners’ homes for dinner and offers them a drink of everlasting water. He heals the broken, body and soul. He wants that none would perish.

I have said before when discussing radical obedience that God would send you to the ends of the earth to preach the Gospel to one man on a plane halfway there because that one man is worth it. He does not calculate return on investment because The Kingdom is not measured with earthly scales. What is the worth of one soul to God?

His Son on a cross.


This is why when God says to go to Nineveh, we don’t jump into the San Francisco Bay ferry (so to speak).


So what can I tell you practically about God’s movement in the Bay Area? I can tell you that He is calling forth his troubadours and poets and storytellers and prophets to make a sound! And San Francisco, like Nashville, is a womb for that sound to grow and grow, to reach the spirits of men and women, to inspire hope. Movements begin with sound and idea. We are calling out those carriers of word and noise to rise up and reach out. Forget the record deals and publishing contracts. Find the searching broken ones whom Jesus loves and spread the hope of glory.

We must break the curse and announce the jubilee which will set the captives free. Join us in the rumble.

Spring Update

Hey friends! Exciting highlights from our Fords on a Mission spring adventures, and a peek into our upcoming plans.
March was a busy time for us! Jason spent the first day of the month with our good friend Joey Coriano, who led a “Cardboard Church” outreach on the sidewalk on the square in Murfreesboro. We love Joey because he has a heart for evangelism and the lost just like us. The group offered prayer and ministry to anyone on the streets. People were healed and lives were changed.

We took a trip to D.C. at the beginning of March as well. We linked up with A Called Generation, which served at David’s Tent that week. We also connected at Justice House of Prayer, prayed in and around the Supreme Court, and toured the American Center for Prayer and Revival lead by our good friends Wayne and Genesse Garland.
Jason also spent time with Dick Simmons, who is a prayer mentor to many national prayer leaders. The prayer stories shared were amazing.

During this week, Jason also helped host and facilitate prayer calls with many people around the nation as they fasted together to see an Esther generation of women rise up. Jesus is glorified when women are honored and lead in their unique strengths and gifting!

April brought Nashville House of Prayer into an exciting new phase! For over a year, The Cookery has been a gracious host for our meetings, and we are so thankful to them! April 4th was our first night at our new location at One Stone Church in East Nashville. Being north/east side natives ourselves, it is a joy to see a house of prayer on this side of the river! We are grateful to Pastor Mark Lancaster for opening his facility to the Nashville House of Prayer.

April also took Jason to Montana to dream and learn with Nashville-area ministers. This “Go Team” sat under teaching from Bill Johnson and several members of his leadership team from Bethel in Redding, California. There were many wonderful take-aways, and the team was able to bond together and share vision for Nashville. We are excited and grateful to be a part of this dynamic group of ministers who share a passion for the city.

Amy spoke at a women’s conference in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. She, along with three other women, shared powerful messages and prayed with attendees.

Jason participated in the annual Governor’s Prayer Breakfast. This awesome event brings together ministers across denominations under the common goal of praying for our state. What an incredible thing to live under a government which honors prayer,

In the midst of prayer meetings and gatherings, one we especially enjoyed was at Christian Life, with its intercessory prayer team, led by Jodi Kelsey. Jason has a heart for night watch prayer so a 10 pm-12 am prayer set is always wonderful, made more so by friends anointed for worship, passionate young people, and dedicated intercessors!

In May, Jason helped host the Awaken the Dawn leadership team as they traveled to Nashville to share the vision of ATD and film promotional materials. The team met with James Goll, Ricky Skaggs, and Michael W. Smith to share about the heart behind ATD and the important role Nashville plays in the spiritual direction of the nation.

At the end of May, we felt an urgency to travel to Fredericksburg, Virgina, prompted by Lou Engle sharing the vision for ATD there. We also wanted to visit David’s Tent and pray at The White House. We feel an important part of Fords on a Mission is to be “spiritual fords”, making a path for others to get to what God is doing. Therefore, we need the materials, the vision, to build the ford, so to speak. We went to Virginia with this goal in mind, however, we were surprised by the direction God took us.

As soon as we arrived, Jason felt our first stop should be a Washington monument we had never visited – the Mary Washington Memorial. At this monument is a rock where Mary prayed for her son George regularly during the Revolutionary War. We wanted to go and pray, but we “happened” to arrive as a prayer group was meeting. The Mothers on the Rock has gathered there weekly since 2010 to pray for our nation in the spirit of Mary Washington. This prayer group, we discovered, is the impetus of Awaken the Dawn’s call to women and mothers in particular. We were honored to meet them, pray with them, and to get invited to meet up with them again the next morning as Lou Engle came to the rock to shoot video for upcoming ATD event.

We are continually amazed at the journey God has us on. Thanks to each of you who pray and also financially support us. Because of you we get to do what God is called us to.

Upcoming Missions:
We are making preparations now for several upcoming missions. First, the Bonnaroo outreach is coming in June . Jason, along with his good buddy Dylan Tarpley, will facilitate night watch worship and prayer for the third year in a row. This year, we are also teaming up with our church community from The Foundry for a Love Bonnaroo outreach. There will be a tent set up on the ground of the festival hosting worship, prayer, and evangelism.

The big news is we plan to spend almost a month in San Francisco to join with The Sound, a release of worship-focused prayer and evangelism targeted at that city and calling forth a new generation of Jesus people. Follow our Facebook page for updates.

Finally, we are already preparing for Awaken the Dawn, a three-day gathering on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. There will be tents of worship representing each state, standing in the gap in our nation’s capital. This is a massive effort, and we are believing God for a shift in the spiritual atmosphere across the country.

E-mail us at if you want more information or to get involved with any of these things.

We love you guys! Thank you for your continual support.



January/February Update


Hello friends and partners in the ministry! We are so excited about 2017 and all that God has put in motion for Middle Tennessee and beyond. We are grateful for your love and support, and we are honored to pray with you in your walk with God.

As we began 2017, Jason and I (Amy) spent time fine tuning our vision. We feel that Fords on a Mission is a ministry of kingdom cooperation.

At the core, we are a prayer ministry. We are a family called to live a intercessory missionary lifestyle. Our fuel is prayer, but we are more than a prayer ministry.

Our desire is to serve the Body by connecting  and uniting with Kingdom-minded people using our God given gifts of encouragement and intercessory prayer, with the goal of ushering in sustained personal and corporate revival.

On a family note, I have found myself often asking, “God, what is my purpose, what is the children’s purpose, in whatever meeting or journey we are in at the moment?” (You can check out my personal blog at for an article on this topic.) Sitting in a children’s room at a church recently, talking to a children’s leader, I felt the urge to pray for her. After she left, I began interceding, laying hands on each of the tiny children’s chairs, the baby swing, the changing table. I realized that we often feel like we are on the world’s sidelines, but we are always on God’s front lines.

On the public ministry side of things, we have had a busy couple of months and would like to share some of the highlights with you all.

In January, Nashville House of Prayer resumed weekly meetings every Thursday at The Cookery. NHOP is thankful to partner with such an impactful ministry. We also resumed Forerunner Community Nights, the fellowship side of NHOP, on Tuesday nights at our residence. These gatherings are wonderful times to connect with passionate prayer people and teach from the Word.

Jason assisted James Goll at Harvest International Ministry’s annual gathering at Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California. He was honored to be with Mr. Goll for these meetings and to establish greater rapport with ministers in California.

In February, we all loaded up the car and headed to Atlanta to Citygate Church for a special leadership meeting with Dutch Sheets. This meeting was a great chance to link arms with some like-minded leaders in Atlanta, uniting under our constant “Appeal to Heaven” banner.

Jason and I also spent a day connecting with some Nashville-area senior pastors and prayer leaders, praying and dreaming together about city-wide revival. These leaders, dubbed the “Go Team,” represent the heart of long-term commitment to reaching Nashville for Christ. Jason, along with our dear friend Bob Perry, represent the prayer movement in the city. We are looking forward to furthering our relationship with members of this team to bring this city to Jesus.

Finally, this past week, Jason hosted a special night at NHOP for the Collegiate Day of Prayer. Many colleges and universities from the area were represented and covered in prayer. This focus is dear to our hearts, and we long to see Heaven invade these campuses,  and the lost, broken, and outcast revived by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Judah has been spending more time practicing listening to Holy Spirit and asking The Lord to show him things. Even in a recent Forerunner meeting, he participated in genuine theological discussion about God as Father. While we love his seven year-old spirit, it is thrilling to watch him seek and engage with God.
This coming week, we will hit the road again to prayer strike Washington, DC, our favorite home away from home! We will connect with some amazing prayer and worship initiatives such as David’s Tent and the Justice House of Prayer, as well as run alongside friends with A Called Generation. We are sure to pursue some prayer assignments at strategic locations around the city, so be sure to follow our Facebook page for updates.


“In God, whose word I praise – in God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?” – Psalm 56:4

Grace and peace,
The Fords

Year End Wrap-Up: Volunteer State of Mind

Most observant people would agree that 2016 has been a banner year – a waving, whipping, tangled up banner, that is. I know many are feeling the fatigue of the ride.

For our family, the ride has been full of twists and turns, but it has been divinely inspired and blessed. If I can extend the metaphor a bit more, we have learned to look forward, lift our hands in faith, and hang on. God has never let us down.

Over the year, we have stepped into full-time ministry and spent a good deal of time refining the vision for what God has called us to do in this city and beyond. We had to sincerely figure out what the purpose is for God to call us as missionaries in the most heavily “churched” city in our nation. A realization struck me recently as I reflected on the year and what we see as our mission.

Tennessee is known as the Volunteer State for our history of sending help wherever and whenever needed. Whether it is a war, a crisis, or neighborly help, we are a state of Davy Crockett-like first responders. We pride ourselves on being able to lend support, aid, and encouragement.

This volunteer attitude exemplifies our heart as missionaries, with our eyes focused on prayer, youth mentoring, and evangelism. We do not pour ourselves into one ministry – that is not our calling right now. Over and over again, our desire, and what we are led to do, is to support existing ministries, encourage leaders, rally participation, and connect people to their own callings.

We are gatherers. We are uniters. We are uplifters. We are revivalists.

And when God says to go, we go.

We feel this calling is vital because God is raising up a harvest of souls for His Kingdom. He is unifying His Body, breaking down denominational walls and teaching us to come together under the standard of Christ. Young believers are running hard after the consuming presence of God, and they need guidance and training to achieve the depth of faith which will sustain them for the long run. And prayer, our rallying cry, is the predecessor of transformation. Prayer is the fuel for the fire of revival. Our world is staged for breakthrough, and we want to be on the frontier.

Upcoming Plans for 2017

1. Nashville House of Prayer – NHOP is set to restart Thursday meetings in January, as well as resume Forerunner Fellowship nights (back on Tuesdays). Our goal is to establish more prayer hours for 2017. Jesus is worthy of continuous praise! If you have a passion for prayer, please join us on Tuesdays or Thursdays, help lead worship or prayer, and pray God would open financial doors for increasing hours.

2. Pray Nashville – This goal of this initiative is to have the city covered in prayer by various churches and ministries, each committing to one day a month. There is more to come here, so stay connected!

3. Campus Ministry- We are excited to be involved in multiple high school and college campus outreaches. We are in the process of working with First Priority to establish a club at a local high school God has placed in our hearts. We have also been working with prayer groups for MTSU, Lee University,and Belmont to encourage, strengthen, and support.

4. City/Festival Outreach- As always, we love to go to the streets and minister to people one-on-one. There are several ministries we will partner with to bring people to salvation, healing, and restoration. Our major outreach will be at Bonnaroo. This will be our third year, helping not only with a 24/7 house of prayer during the festival, but working with teams to evangelize within the grounds. God is moving through bold, genuine gospel sharing and personal prayer!

Get Involved

If you want to stand with us, if your spirit leaps in excitement at the thought of being a volunteer for The Kingdom, we would love for you to partner with us!

Join our prayer covering team – We are a family of five. We can use all the prayer we can get! Let us know you want to join the prayer team, and we will keep to updated with needs and reports. E-mail us at

Become a financial partner – We cannot go where God calls without the financial freedom created by our partners. By supporting us financially, you are supporting the calling on us for revival in our city and region. Click the link to support, or contact us to set up a meeting.


September Recap

Hello Fords on a Mission family! We are loving fall and all it brings: not just beautiful Tennessee weather, good food, and great memories; but also a sweeping away of the old, reaping the spiritual harvest, and counting our blessings in a season of feasts and thanksgiving.

We want to take this opportunity to catch you up on ministry and family happenings from September. We spent a good deal of time traveling this month. First, Jason flew to San Marcos, California to visit the Fire and Glory Outpouring at Summit Church. They have hosted now over 200 straight nights of revival meetings beginning earlier this year. God is shaking many communities across the United States right now, and His Spirit is touching lives, healing and restoring His precious people. It is our great privilege to go to these outpourings and bring back the fire and revelation to Middle Tennessee.

The following week we stayed home and were able to attend the Go Conference. This gathering was not only inspiring, hearing from Heidi Baker, Andy Byrd, and Sean Feucht, but it was also a great opportunity to connect and reconnect with many college ministry leaders from the region.

Later in the month, we headed to Kansas City for the wedding of a dear young man whom we knew as youth leaders in Murfreesboro. While there, of course, we had to spend time in the Global Prayer Room at the International House of Prayer. What a joy to see fire on the altar kept burning as it has for so many years! The campus itself buzzes with creativity, training, and serving. We connected with some of the IHOP staff while we were there. Again, we were inspired by those who are setting a standard.

Only the next week had us driving another eight hours, this time east instead of west. We joined hundreds of college and youth leaders and students for The Drop East Coast and Leaders Summit. This conference takes place every year on the site of a historic Holy Spirit outpouring which followed the original Azusa revival. The tiny town of Falcon, North Carolina has been the birthplace of the Pentecostal movement on the East Coast since then. For this conference, we helped gather students from some area universities to participate and connect. One key component of our vision is to get young people united and engaged, encountering God themselves and working together for the Kingdom. It is our desire to facilitate these connections as much as possible.

On the home front, Forerunner Gathering nights at our home have increased to weekly and moved to Monday nights. These meetings have included worship, teaching, prayer and prophetic ministry, and of course, some food and fellowship. Also, NHOP hours have increased, adding a set from 9:30-11 a.m. on Thursdays.

Judah is progressing with first grade wonderfully, and he has lately been sharing with us visions he sees, usually while we are praying. The girls are growing up beautifully – Anna turned four at the end of last month, and she loves to dance in worship. Seraphina just began crawling. They are our delight, and we pray God will keep them healthy and strong and help them to know Him.

Overall, September has been a month of fresh fire and inspiration for us. We are excited to expand our vision for Nashville, for prayer, youth, and missions. We believe God is stirring revival in many hearts on a personal level, and breaking forth in power in mass. Please continue to follow along with us in prayer and support.

August Update

Hello Fords on a Mission family! Thank you for tracking with us this month. We would like to share with you all that God has done this month with our family.

We began the month at the Ignite America conference at Campbellsville University in Kentucky. This conference gathered university students from across the country to connect and inspire before heading back to their campuses for the fall. We joined them, as well as other campus ministry leaders and mentors, and had the privilege to build many relationships with those whose hearts for revival among the youth are the same as ours.

Igniting must be our theme for August, as the next weekend had Jason preaching at a revival called Igniting Nashville at Outpouring Ministries in Old Hickory. He joined Bob Perry, Marilyn Howard, Steve Driessen, Kelly Thomas, and Peggy Adams in ministering that weekend. The entire weekend was powerful, marked by creative dance and art, multi-cultural worship, and Spirit-led prayer. We are grateful for the opportunity from Apostle Sheila Rae.

Nashville House of Prayer and Forerunner Community nights have continued, and have included special guests this month. IHOP worship leader Jon Thurlow joined NHOP on August 25th, and a large crowd came out to pray and worship with us. On August 30th at our Forerunner gathering, Andrew Wilmot of South Africa shared about his prophetic dreams and his vision for reaching some of the poorest areas in his region.

Another ministry that has become dear to our hearts is Elijah’s Heart, led by “Papa” Joe and Denise Bradford. This group is dedicated to reaching Nashville’s government housing areas, with particular focus on the Napier community just south of downtown. They distribute bags of food and feed meals twice a week during the summer, and they tutor students during the school year. God is doing a miraculous work with this team by providing them with resources and even media attention. Papa Joe is a genuine servant leader who is invested in this community, and we have been honored to serve with this ministry.

Jason has joined Acts 13 on a regular basis. Acts 13 is a monthly gathering of ministry leaders for the purpose of prayer, worship, service, and sending. Also, he has been consistently joining the Governmental Prayer Alliance, a group which meets at the Tennessee State Capitol to pray for governmental leaders and the actions of the legislature.

Finally, Jason was privileged to attend and pray at a yearly “family reunion” of Nashville-area ministry leaders, hosted at Michael W. Smith’s farm. This is the third year we have attended, and it is always a wonderful time of connection and vision-casting for the advancement of the Kingdom in Nashville.

September is a busy month of travel for us. We hope to bring you reports of what God is doing from coast to coast!

July Update

Hello, Fords on a Mission family! We have had an amazing July, and we wanted to share with you some of exciting and powerful things God has done.

Our home has been graced to host Forerunner Fellowship Community Nights, which is a bi-weekly gathering for the purpose of building community, digging into the Word, and praying for each other. The gathering is an off-shoot of the regular Nashville House of Prayer meetings. There have been incredible times of prayer and sincere discourse, as well as opportunities to connect and grow together. We hope to see these meetings continue into the fall. If you are interested in attending. E-mail us at for address and times.

We were also pleased to host a team of worship and evangelism missionaries as part of their southeast tour during their stops in Murfreesboro and Nashville. The Burn Wagon, part of Burn 24/7, stayed with us during their three days in the mid-state. They led prayer sets at the Gap House of Prayer and NHOP, and they prayed and evangelized at spots in Nashville. We are grateful to host a team as they invest in prayer here in Middle Tennessee.

July also took Jason to Washington D.C. for the National Day of Prayer Conference and Together 2016, which happened consecutively. While there, Jason connected with many leaders involved in prayer ministry throughout the nation. He even spent some time traveling on the Pray America Tour bus and had the privilege to pray with Franklin Graham’s prayer coordinator. Jason also led a team of Tennessee intercessors on a prayer walk around the city, stopping at the home of each branch of government (Capitol, Supreme Court, and White House), giving insights we learned from our own time there.

The Together 2016 event was a powerful time focused on uniting the Body of Christ across denominations and cultures. Many tens of thousands gathered in sweltering heat to break down walls between each other and stand together for Jesus. Perhaps the most significant moment of this event for us was when Jason went to the medical tents to pray for individuals affected by the heat. The conditions were serious enough to threaten to steal the impact of the event, but God was still glorified, and no serious harm came to the attendees.

During those days in D.C., Jason also reconnected with the ministries at JHOP, David’s Tent, and the American Center for Prayer and Revival (a division of Dick Eastman’s Every Home for Christ), attending prayer and worship sets at each and visiting with the leaders. ACPR has a new prayer room overseen by Wayne and Jenese Garland, friends of ours from David’s Tent. These three ministries and their leaders are dear to us, and we pray for them regularly.

Jason will finish out July traveling to Atlanta to a strategic intercession training. He has been asked to attend a special round table for regional prayer leaders. He is excited to learn and share with other ministers.

Lastly, we are excited to have our new donations page up and running. Check it out at

Newsletter, Summer 2016


Below is our summer newsletter with a review of the year so far and information about what is to come.

Summer, 2016
Our Vision:

Fords on a Mission is an ordinary family pursuing an extraordinary calling. As a family of five, we are choosing a life of radical obedience. Our passion is to see God glorified in Nashville and points beyond through continuous prayer and worship, prophetic evangelism, discipleship training, and creative expression.

The year began with a flurry of transition. We have been working to renovate our house in Nashville; at the end of January, Seraphina Hope was born; we have made several ministry trips – to Atlanta, L.A., Washington DC, New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia; and Jason has spoken at two youth conferences and several other meetings. And, after many months of prayerful consideration and planning, Jason has also stepped away from full-time marketplace employment to be free to serve the Kingdom in greater capacity. We believe God is stirring hearts for revival, and we are excited to work with Him in the areas of prayer, missions, and youth mentorship.

Coming soon,
We have the privilege to work again this year with RooHOP, the 24/7 house of prayer held during the week of Bonnaroo. This year, it will be in a church which literally backs up to the festival site. Jason is leading the night shift, crying out in the darkest hours for those in the darkest places.
There are also many speaking opportunities coming up for Jason. It is always an honor to share with a group of believers, and our prayer is that God will give a prophetic message to the listeners which will encourage and transform.
God is also expanding the tent pegs of the houses of prayer in the area. We hope to extend hours for intercession in the regional houses of prayer in the upcoming months. We also plan to work with existing intercessors across the state to connect and encourage them, building prayer momentum for Tennessee across all 95 counties.

Be on the lookout,
Finally, Amy and the kids are spending the summer venturing into some creative pursuits in writing and video. Keep an eye on the blog for more in those areas!

We’re asking God for a team to partner with us in prayer and financial needs!
Would you consider investing in the vision?
Visit to donate.
NHOP (Nashville House of Prayer) – every Thursday 6-8pm at The Cookery
Forerunner Community Nights – every other Tuesday at Ford residence
RooHOP – June 8-12
Alliance95 – Launching Summer 2016

Track with us!

April Take the Cities Report

Five major cities in three weeks, most of it with the whole family, has been no easy task. Blessed and favored? Yes. Full of Kingdom storming and personal growth? Absolutely! But not easy.

Of course, nothing worthwhile ever is. Life is full of easy paths and comfortable choices, but God has seldom, if ever, asked easy things of us. He is not in the business of “easy.” (Post script – About ten minutes after typing this part in the car on the way home, we had a tire blow out and were stuck on the side of the interstate in the middle of the night for about three hours. God is good and helped us in many ways that night, but it certainly was not “easy.”)

Jason began the month by heading to Los Angeles for Azusa Now. He and many others participated in a forty day fast leading up to April 9. The gathering itself was an epic fifteen hour time of worship, prayer, declaration, and commissioning. Some 70,000 people showed up to spend most of that time on their feet and in the steady rain. Millions more watched from live stream. Jason was able to attend several meetings and connect with leaders from around the nation. Our hearts are certainly stirred from this gathering, and we believe it to be a turning point for revival.

Less than a week later, the five of us packed up the trusty Envoy, loaded up enough fruit snacks and peanut butter to survive a ten hour road trip, and hit the road for Washington, D.C. The first stop was David’s Tent in its new location at the head of Constitution Gardens. The tent has had its fair share of obstacles this year (a papal visit, winter storms, and upcoming location changes in addition to the recent move), but the team is ever faithful. The leadership and volunteer staff of the tent are among the most faithful and joyfully resilient bunch we have ever known. Perhaps it is the effect of spending hours a day in the presence of God, engaged in true worship. Perhaps it is simply the faith that results from witnessing God’s faithfulness time and time again. We are constantly inspired to greater faith by them (I just used the word “faith” a whole bunch!).

The next day we boarded a train for Manhattan. This was an incredible experience! We were immediately met with the swells of humanity – people everywhere, languages and colors of every imaginable sort, the smells, the constant noise – the city teemed with life. To be honest, we loved it! We walked the city’s busiest areas to observe and pray. Later that night, Jason hit Times Square again on his own to pray and minister. The next day, we visited the September 11th Memorial before Jason took the train into Boston to attend the Glory Train launch event at Fanueil Hall. There, Cindy Jacobs spoke about being bold enough to pray big prayers in faith.

On Wednesday, back in New York, we went to Federal Hall to pray and let Judah get a history lesson. That evening, we all went to the Times Square House of Prayer (TSHOP) for powerful worship and prayer in a basement studio just a couple of blocks from where the ball drops on New Years’ Eve. What an awesome thing to have an active House of Prayer in such a busy and significant place.

Thursday had us back on the train, this time to Philadelphia. We attended the Glory Train event at In the Light Ministries. I was pleased to see such a large gathering of believers join in worship, with dancing and flag-waving. The night was punctuated with celebratory and declarative worship.

We spent Friday in Philadelphia’s historic and renowned sites, covering some more homeschool territory and getting a prayer-mapping perspective. As intercessors, we are always on the hunt for God’s heart for an area through the history, cultural climate, and spiritual atmosphere. Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love, and we sensed the shift immediately once we stepped off the train. We pray God amplifies this name for His name!

Finally, we arrived back in D.C. for a last night on the Glory Train with Dutch Sheets and several David’s Tent and JHOP folks. Dutch spent time laying hands and blessing the Hamills, Locketts, and Hersheys, three couples who have invested so much for the Kingdom in Washington. It was a powerful moment to witness.

Perhaps my most significant take-away was not from a worship service or moment of prayer; it came from train terminals and bus benches. These big cities are amazing, yet so fast-paced that humanity is often lost on the streets – we disconnect with earbuds and keep our eyes on our destinations, cut off drivers in the belief that our need is greater. The truth is, Nashville is no different. But when we stop to talk to the person next to us, we rediscover humanity, and thereby, the image of God. The grandmother at the Amtrak station in D.C. who misses her family, the working woman on the subway in New York who played peek-a-boo with Anna just to make her smile, the man on a bus in Philadelphia who just fulfilled his dream of opening a barber shop, the young man in the Greyhound station who has lived a troubled life and finds relief in music. Our mission field doesn’t always look like the bush or desert or tent city; sometimes it looks like the seat next to you. Let me encourage you to look there, look people in the eye, look for their stories, look for God in them.

Grace and peace,